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Ultralights For Sale

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Electric Motor Glider Project  Check out what we are working on. . .
Quicksilver Sprint Ultralight     $5,000.00    SOLD
   N 75792  Quicksilver  Sprint    A Great Value at 9,650.00  SOLD
New Quicksilver Ultralight & Sport Aircraft 

 for Sale

Ultralight Book  

"A Professional Approach to Ultralights"

gt500-3.gif (18444 bytes) Experimental Light Sport Aircraft  ELSA For Sale
Certified Aircraft  For Sale

Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft  For Sale

Sales assistance program.

  • Our web site receives over a million hits per month.

  • We have one of the lowest cost most unique sales methods in the industry*

  • $375.00 listing fee. Up to 60 Included in this fee.

  • $500.00 additional fee to have us handle the sale and the following paperwork:

  •     Assistance with filing all necessary paperwork

  •     Assistance with sales agreement and negotiations

  •     Assistance with obtaining title search

  •     Showing your aircraft if located at our airfield

  •     Assistance with financing

Additional Services available:

  •     Delivery

  •     Evaluations

  •     Pre-purchase inspections

  •     Modifications and maintenance

*The aircraft listed on our web site are represented as realistically as possible. Our interest is in selling aircraft at a fair price. We take as many pictures of the aircraft as possible to represent the aircraft honestly. Our desire is that you will evaluate the aircraft completely and decide based on your research whether or not the aircraft is the right aircraft for you and the that the price is fair. If you wish to sell your aircraft on our web site and have us sell it by deception, you should seek out a traditional aircraft salesman. Our total fee doesn't allow for allot of time spent doing the high pressure sales technique. We have a high volume heavily trafficked web site that dose the work for us. The aircraft will sell or not. We employ a state of the art statistics server that provides feed back about web activity on each aircraft. This analysis helps us provide direction for the seller as well as the buyer. We have based our reputation on having honest open discussions with potential buyers about the feasibility and practicality of each aircraft they are interested in.

This fee is not a commission but rather a fee for listing the aircraft on our web site The purchaser is responsible for any sales tax.  Aircraft must be reasonably priced with all know deficiencies disclosed. If you wish to have your aircraft sold by Rainbow Aviation, please contact us at: [email protected]