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Message 40 - Bob
As a 2000 hour GA taildragger pilot who transitioned to an M Squared Sprint II on floats with about 3 hours of dual (.5 hours on floats)...I want to let you know that your book "A professional Approach to Ultralights" has saved my "bacon" more than once... especially ALL the information about downwind flying. Thanks for an outstanding book - I learned as much from it as I did from "Stick and Rudder"
Bob H
Message 39 - Jim
While at Sun N Fun 04 I came across this book.   I have to tell you that it is great. I started reading it at the motel and I read it every chance I get.   I will be recommending this book to all my students. Click on the book (from Erie Airpark website) and go to their website and have a look. If you get one tell them Jim sent you. Jim Erie Airpark, Ultralight Instructor
Message 38 - Joe

I must say that your book is the main reason that I entered into the sport, took lessons and purchased a Quicksilver Sport kit. I have read your book (my bible) at least 3 times and still use it as a quick reference when I have a question about some aspect of ultralights. You cover some very important topics that no one else mentions-not even my instructors. I have recommend your book to others as a must read and am definitely looking forward to your next book. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

Joe Barbera, New Albany IN

Message 37 - Natt

 I was at Oshkosh. . . and purchased your book. (It) it the most informative and instructive book about ultralights that I've ever read. It gave me answers to my questions that have been bothering me since I decided to pursue this hobby (i.e. to trailer or to hangar, instrumentation etc) I will recommend this reading to anyone I encounter who is interested in ultralights.

 Sincerely, Nat Bedolla

Message 36 - Tim

Every ultralight pilot or want-to-be pilot will save themselves a lot of time, effort, energy, and money by reading this book. Very easy writing style and this-is-how-it-is information. I recommend it to anyone interested in light-sport plane flying.

Tim Styles (Rans Dealer, Private Pilot, Tail-dragger, EAA- UFI, EAA Tech Counselor)

Message 35 Myron

I purchased your new book. What an excellent read. Clear, concise, and quick to the point. Having built my own plane I found your expertise to be beyond reproach. I am impressed . I just couldn't put the book down and was nearly finished by Sunday night.

Myron Truex (Private Pilot)

Message 34 - Aero News Review

 The material is comprehensive, well-illustrated, and easy to read. . . The material is valuable for both newcomers to ultralight flying and veterans. (It) is certain to be a must-have addition to every ultralight pilot's library. 

Excerpt from Aero-News.net (view article in its entirety at aero-news.net)  Also  Archived Interview with the authors (May 18) @ www.ultraflightradio.com/

Message 33 Myron

 I read a lot of aviations books. I, honestly, think this is the best book I have read. You both have done a tremendous job. I am half way through your book and I can't put it down.

 Wes Johnson  (Ultralight pilot )

Message 32 - Jon

 BRAVO! Please keep my visa on record and send me anything you two write in the future.  I can't wait for your second book.

      Jon R.   (Ultralight pilot )

Message 31 Steve age 11

 I really like your book.  It's kind of tough to understand (because I'm an 11 yr. old), and I took my electric dictionary with me to help me find the definition of words such as "exacerbated," or "stringent."  But, overall, I'm understanding the book really well.  Anyway, I really enjoy your book. 

Stevie Baxter (Future pilot)

Message 30 - Leo

 I just finished reading your book. I am a private pilot and your book help me a great deal with aerodynamic concepts. I think it is as valuable for general aviation as it is for ultralight pilots.

     Leo  (private pilot )

Message 29
I just signed up for ultralight flight training and my instructor won't start my flight instruction until I read your book. Would you send me ordering information?

Greg (Student pilot) 

Message 28

 I usually have a difficult time getting into a book, especially aviation text type books. I find A Professional Approach to Ultralights both easy to read, yet rich in content. . . I am learning a lot. (And appreciating the writing style.)

      Don Johnson  (Private pilot )

Message 27
Message 26

You should both be very proud of your outstanding work! I just finished reading (your book) a few days ago and learned a great deal. . . it will fill a great need for ultralight pilots. . . I learned some really important facts about the transition from standard aircraft to ultralights especially as it relates to the inertia and mass concepts.

      Doug Hagerman (Private pilot and aircraft builder)

Message 25

Brian and Carol,

   I just finished your book and want to compliment both of you on making available, what I would consider, the best of all the books I have read on our sport.  My list of "things I don't know" has decreased substantially since being around you, and never would have been able to go from the trusty Hurricane to the Rans S-12 with out you. Best Wishes.

Bill Massey   (Private pilot and Ultralight pilot)

Message 24

I just received the book. CONGRATULATIONS! This is just what I was needing! . . . it looks PERFECT. I really think it is going to help me a lot in this learning process.                 

    Leonardo Bangerter   

Message 23

I read your book last weekend and it was just what I needed.  I have been taking ultralight training and I am definitely going change my approach. 

    George Atkins 

Message 22

I think that anyone who is planning to purchase an ultralight should read this book. They will have half the problems they would normally  have. It is the best book on Ultralights that I have read.                                 

                   Ed Pitman      (Private pilot and Ultralight flight instructor)  

Message 21

"This book helps you to understand the important issues. Having just completed the assembly of a Quicksilver Sport, I found this book very useful for the next phase of my project - flying and maintenance. Even though I have a little GA flight experience, I've found ultralights to be confusing at times due to their flight characteristics and 2 stroke engines. "

                  Burt Baker - Glider pilot & novice ultralight driver

Message 20

Your love for aviation is very apparent in your book. I thought that the material is very well presented in an easy to read format. It answered many common questions as well as questions that a new pilot wouldn't even know to ask. 

                  Tim Huckabay (private pilot)