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120 Hr Repairman Course

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   Thank you for your interest in our Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Program                                     

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Learn more about this career focused program

 High Quality , Professional Instruction from LSA  Specialists. Are you considering a career in Aviation Maintenance?  

Or just interested in performing your own maintenance and  inspections on your LSA?

With the Repairman Maintenance Rating – the Sky is the limit!

  With over 30 years experience operating a full aviation maintenance facility 

- we don't just teach the theory- this is what we do

Rotax 912/ 914 Service Course included - no recurrent training required

Continued support in the field: establishing your customer base - keeping you informed, long after you graduate.

Exclusive membership in our invaluable online support network

♦ Only $650.00 deposit to hold your seat - Click here for information on attending on a shoestring budget

Able Flight Flight Training Scholarships offered to people with disabilities

Ask about opportunities to meet requirements for DAR and Airplane and Powerplant Mechanic as well.

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Do You Want A Career In A Rapidly Growing Industry?  To understand the rating click here

Do you wish to perform maintenance and inspections on Special Light Sport Aircraft?

Are you interested in working toward your General Aviation A & P?

Then plan to take one of our Repairman Maintenance Training Courses -To earn this certificate, you must:
Be at least 18 years old.
Speak, read, and understand English.
Complete the amount of training appropriate for the rating.
Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.
*Non US Citizen may attend this workshop and many have. These attendees receive a certificate of course completion and most CAA in other countries recognize the training

No other prerequisites

For location and cost click here.   For Airline and Travel info click here     For costs and a course schedule  click here

Options for registration: call 530-824-0644 or email [email protected]

Rainbow Aviation has applied for and has received acceptance of this course in accordance with FAA Order 8000.84. The first course was held in March 2006.  Carol and Brian Carpenter are instructors for Rainbow Aviation's FAA-accepted repairman course for airplane, weight shift and powered parachute, our nation’s first such program.

The Repairman Maintenance Rating allows you to perform the maintenance, the annual condition inspection, and the 100 hour inspections (required on aircraft used for hire)  on Special Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft and charge for your services.  The minimum training time for each class is:

Airplane:      120 hours                    Weight Shift: 104 hours             Powered Parachute: 104 hours

Participants may take the three core modules and add a rating. For example after completing the 120 hour airplane course a participant can take the 19 hour weight shift module and have both weight shift and airplane class privileges. The repairman can then return for the 19 hour powered parachute module and add the PP class. For articles on the Repairman Courses click here.

Contact lists are created for participants interested in sharing rental car or hotel rooms.

The FAA and the EAA project that job opportunities for Light Sport Aircraft Repairmen with a Maintenance Rating   should be excellent for persons who have completed Light Sport Aircraft Repairmen  Maintenance training programs.

     With the advent of the new sport pilot rule, current growth in light sport  will create a need for Light Sport Aircraft Repairmen with a Maintenance Rating.  If the current trend continues, the number of graduates of the repairman training programs will fall short of meeting those needs.

     Both career opportunities for business owners and  job opportunities with manufacturer’s and dealers in the light sport industry are expected to increase at the fastest rates. There are two huge- little known- advantages available to a Repairman with a maintenance rate:

The repairman may also keep a portfolio of his work and apply for authorization to take the A&P written and practical exams for general aviation after working in Field for 30 + months under his own supervision.

    Rainbow Aviation offers complete Light Sport Aircraft Repairmen  Maintenance training programs through our FAA accepted courses for airplane, weight shift and powered parachute. The curriculum prepares its students to take the written exam, given on the last day of the course, to obtain their FAA Repairman  Certification.

    Our program offers students a small student to instructor ratio.  Classes consist of 65 percent classroom instruction and 35 percent hands-on practical training.  We have several aircraft specifically designated for student repairs on-site at Corning Municipal Airport. 

    All instructors are FAA accepted with many years of industry experience. For more information on the Light Sport Aircraft Repairmen  Maintenance training programs or to register for a course, call or email Carol Carpenter  today. 530-824-0644/ [email protected]



Repairman seminars are specialized courses with limited attendance to enhance your learning experience. Additionally, due to the length of the course, participants need lead time to attend. Therefore, NO REFUNDS will be authorized, however, a non-transferable voucher issued to you  for the balance of your account toward another training course. A $650.00 fee may apply within 30 days of the course start date. A “no show” will be charged the full workshop fee and not qualify for a voucher.

Congratulations Graduates of Oshkosh LSRM Course 2011!                             Photo Gallery



Above: 15 day Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Training at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, WI  September 2011              

Below: The first Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Course completed 3-24-2006.

Back row from left to right (standing) : Art Steinbach (Corning,CA), Bill Barden (Sacramento, Ca), Bob Comperini (Wrightwood, CA), Rhett Radford (Groveland, FL), Brian Taylor (Cassopolis, MI), Doug Donaldson (Valley Springs, CA), Rick Wright (Arizona), Dale Newton (East Longmeadow, MA),Brian McCallen (Walkerton, IN), Rick Lach (Kernville, CA), Gary Anderson (Carnelian Bay, CA), Dave Campbell (Anacortes, WA), Danny Tyre (Hahira, GA).

Front row from left to right: Ed Pitman (Corning, CA), Carl Ryder (Marblemount, WA), Wayne Flemington (Winchester, CA), Instructors: Carol and Brian Carpenter.



For Course schedule click here

For information on the sport pilot rule, visit www.sportpilot.org

For more information see article at: http://www.rainbowaviation.com/article.htm